Thursday, 30 April 2009

Time To Change


Rekindle The Love...

With the moto, 'let's rekindle the love... in mind.' I have obtained for my own personal use
Issue 977, 30 April 2009 'Pink Paper'
The DVD's 'MAMMA MIA!' The movie
'The KILLING of Sister George'

My Father's House


I knew I had entered My Father's House, after an admission to a psychiatric hospital bereaved, due to a death. My biological father, 'Amos Williams', stage name 'Joshua', died in a car crash after visiting me - aged four. My father was a married man who worked full time, owned a house in 1 Nanson Road, Battersea London. and drove a car that he owned. My father loved music and played a sound system in his spare time. My father own two sound systems, one he stored in London and the other in the country. My father was said to be very friendly and the life and soul of a party, respected and loved by one and all. Loved Greyhound races, in Wood Lane, Hammersmith. He also spent some limited spare time with friends in Public House [pub], spaces.

My father was born in Portland, in Jamaica and he was married to a woman who was not my mother. My father's wife had two daughters, who were not blood relatives of my father. She then gave birth to a baby girl with my father, approximately a year after I was born.

I was my father's first born child. Apparently my father wanted me to be born a boy. My father then did two things. One, he registered my birth. Two, when he visited me once in my mother's home with her new husband - who adopted me after my father's death - he gave me a sweet to eat, which I almost choked on. Aside from that, my mother provided all financial, care and concerns regarding me.

Back to my father's house. I sense I had entered it when I visited Brescia / in Italy - after the death of my adopted father Ishmael [ he liked to be called Al and he was the only person I ever called dad] in the year 1997. I was mourning regarding my loss of him, as was Britain but regarding Prince William and Prince Harry's mother Diana.

I had often traveled to the main continent - Europe via Plane, Coach and Train - on my release from hospital, I travelled by train to Brescia. Beautiful. I was welcomed. Whilst in Italy I travelled by train alone to Venice - I phoned my mother from there. Then I continued alone, on from there to Trieste / Here I purchased postcards and posted them whilst visiting Trieste. For those that don't know, Trieste was also a place which held death camps in World War II. One of the postcards, I sent to my mother and the other postcard I sent to my dear long suffering, stalwart friend Birgit Rapp.

Unfortunately, I had failed to pay enough money for my return train ticket to trieste and was required to pay more on the train.

Beautiful Italy. While visiting, I was delighted, when I attended a jazz concert and in addition, I noticed hours of the 1st December -World Aids Day prevention information on the television. I didn't understand much Italian but the images including Nenah Cherry / seemed similar to Britain's.

Seemed to be lots of sex industry workers [prostitutes] in Brescia, so it was fantastic that 1st December was recognised in Brescia.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Prime Minister

I received the following message from My Prime Minister.

"April 29, 2009

Visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

I have just returned from my first visit to Poland as Prime Minister and while there I visited Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp.
Now that I have done so, I have a new understanding of the burden of memory. Distance from the Holocaust in time and geography does not lessen but increase our obligation to remember and to resist.
The murder of six million Jews and countless Roma, Poles and other Eastern Europeans, gay men and lesbians, trade unionists, disabled people and political and religious opponents of the Nazis is a terrible indictment not only of the absolute evil of the perpetrators, but of the moral blindness of all those who looked aside.
That is why we can never pass by on the other side when we see another suffer – each and every instance of injustice and persecution and discrimination calls on us not to stand by, but to stand up.
British people stood up against the evils of fascism with a bravery and resilience unsurpassed in other nations and I am incredibly proud to announce today a new award of recognition for the extraordinary acts of courage of a number of British citizens who rescued others from the evils of the Holocaust.
Their families and the Holocaust Educational Trust have been campaigning to bring these British Holocaust heroes to public attention and I am delighted that we will be able to honour their sacrifice and service in this way.

Gordon Brown"

Plato's People

British Bulldog





My first holiday alone was spent in beautiful Larnaca, in 1992. The land of Plato's people. I was so busy at work prior to leaving London for Larnaca. I am glad I took the time to travel. The tourist residence was clean, safe, peaceful and each day I would start the day with a lone walk through Larnaca. The people of Larnaca were friendly and polite. I spent most days on the beach, reading a book and resting. My memory of my time spent in Larnaca, plus a one day trip to Nicosia warms my heart.

The red ashtray was a gift from the manager of my Larnaca residence and his wife

in this land of Gods


One other memory remains of my time in Larnaca. That is my one visit to a public house [Pub] which had a British Bulldog

It was occupied with male British soldiers.
Beautiful to be with my people. They spoke of
Whilst I sipped my orange juice and listened.
Perfectly safe